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An Open Fandom Icon Contest

Icon Awards
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»i_awards is an open fandom icontest community. Icons can be of anything, as long as they fit the week's given theme and follows the rules.

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» You must follow the posted theme, icons that do no fit the theme will be disqualified.
»You may submit two icons per theme. Also, please use new icons (made exclusively for the theme). Do not post the icon anywhere else until after the challenge is over (that means after the winners are announced.
»All submitted icons must follow Livejournal format (100 x 100 pixels, 40 KB).
»All icons must be yours.
»You must be a member in order to submit.
»Respect is important. Respect everyone, and you'll be respected.

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» A theme shall be posted either Friday night or Saturday morning. Depending on time zone variation. You have until the following Friday evening to submit an icon in the following format.

Submission format:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
URL: http://yourimageurlhere.png
Comments/Questions: [none]

» On Friday evening a voting post will be put up. You have from Friday evening until Sunday evening to vote. Please pay attention to how many you are voting for each week and any special categories.
» This community uses the three point system. All First Place votes will recieve three points, second place receives two, and third receives one.

» All winners will be docked in the memories. You know, when we have them.

Mod: ladybubblegum